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We are coming with some absolute masterpieces!!!
I didnt want to go through life without this sauce and mine ran out so it had to be remade!! Many of our members and especially the new members never got to try this one! 
Wylin Out Ranch is exactly what you think it is…a spicy ranch flavored hot sauce!!! I made a traditional “red” hot sauce with mixed hot peppers, onions, garlic and bells. We then added 30 packets of ranch powder by a company that sounds like Shmidden walley. The result was PERFECT!!!! It’s ranch without the cream and the added perfect hot sauce blend already done for you!! This will turn into a eat it off the spoon type sauce in your house. Anything you dip will go perfectly with this. One bottle won’t be enough!! This is a mild sauce at 4/10 but the flavor stays with you for a long time!! I’m in love!!!