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This one is a big deal!! I am beyond proud to be partnering with Wicked Aces Disc Golf and Dynamic Discs Pro, Valerie Williams!! Val is a female person of color PDGA Pro(a very rare feat), A Team Owner, a shop owner, and as if not enough, hosts local Georgia tournaments, some of which are female specific events! Valerie is succeeding in growing the sport not just locally, not just with women but also people of color, juniors and the elderly alike! We wanted to make one bad ass sauce to match the bad ass nature of Her!!!
We started with all Georgia based Ingredients, as that’s where Val and her shop are! Vidalia onions and sweet peaches start us off! We had to have some brown sugar in there for our sweet sister! To balance all that sweet we threw in some Carolina reapers, some scorpion peppers and then a basket load of jalapeños. The mix provides a really nice blend of heats and flavors. The result is a perfectly balanced hot sauce that will go on anything! Sitting at a 7/10 on the heat scale.
If you’ve been with us for a while you may remember Peaches en regalia. This is like a non smoked version of that sauce!
This is the test batch that we are submitting to the FDA to get national distribution for! A portion of every bottle sold goes back to Val and the touring pros on her team to help alleviate their tour costs!