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It’s back up...the king...the one...the Don Gadda!! and in VERY limited supply. I had 28OZ!!!! in Perigord Black truffles flown in to create a REAL truffle sauce. No BS flavorings. No fake truffle oil. Real shaved Truffles. There were 31 whole truffles put into a 64 bottle batch meaning there’s almost a half truffle in each bottle!! We then broke out a 45 day Garlic and honey Ferment and layered umami on top of umami for this one. We started with our classic mix of carmelized onions and candied carrots. I then folded in honey, mace, paprika, and cumin with some sugar in the raw. After cooking down I added 4 pounds of fresh mixed super hots from the garden to give a robust heat profile that ranges from right up front to lingering heat. White and Apple cider vinegars were added to the pot and cooked for a day at very low heat. The truffles were not added in until the last four hours and the temperature was checked every 10-15 minutes to ensure the truffles weren’t burning.
The result is one of the most complex and well balanced sauces on earth. This is the pinnacle of my sauce making career so far and something I wanted to show the general public what a real truffle sauce should taste like.

 I more than likely will never make this again as it doesn’t make any sense time or cost wise with truffle prices flying through the roof but something I wanted to show the world could be done right again. Once these are gone that’s it for the year at absolute least. Thanks as always. Much love.