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Dropping now is a first ever sauce and first ever concept! Thai One On is an extra hot ginger red curry sauce. No not a hot sauce per se as there is no vinegar in this but a culinary masterpiece none the less. This will spark anything in the world veggie or protein. It’s absolutely magical. Coconut milk imported from Thailand is the main ingredient and it’s so much thicker and sweeter than our N American counterpart! We then added pounds of Ginger and ringstinger Thai chilies plus our own signature Ringstinger pepper to build this amazingly flavorful spice! Shrimp paste and fish sauce were used so this is not vegan(although many vegans eat curry and have no clue hahaha), tons of garlic, onions, lemongrass, shallots, kafir lime and key limes, galangal, peanuts and spices! This is an absolutely beautiful melange of flavors and authentic as it gets!