T 4.2

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First drop of the year is here and it’s a banger!!!

T 4.2 is a tea infused vinegar hot sauce!! I infused Thai Hibiscus, moringa, and pomegranate teas into rice wine vinegar. The veggie build on this one is pan roasted onions, garlic, carrots, and green bell peppers to provide an amazing earth bomb to match that bright earthy tea and fruit flavor. It’s finished off with a blend of medium to full hot peppers giving it a 4.2/10 on the heat scale…see what we did there 😉
The final result is an amazingly bright and tart sauce that finishes with a beautiful umami mouthfeel and a nice medium lingering burn.
This is something totally off the wall and unlike anything made commercially! It will pair amazingly with dark meats, chili, or as a chicken rub!