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What??? You thought I forgot Halloween?!?? NEVER!! And let me tell ya…this one going to have you howling at the moon!! I couldn’t say Cleveland steamer one night and this was what came out my mouth. I died laughing and immediately said im naming a sauce Steveland Cleamer!! We had a very small reaper and horseradish haul this year…not enough to make a full batch of either Dont phear the reaper or quitchya horsin so I thought…what if we made a hybrid??? This is the result. A straight 9/10 on the heat scale. It’s a scorcher that starts with a horseradish and very very light fruit and straight into a Burn worthy of a horror film!! I added a half pound of garlic into this batch as well as a little onion and carrot and then roasted them all together with our burn your butt rub!! Then 2 and a half pounds of reapers and moruga scorpions were blended down with white and apple cider vinegars. Finally a little over a pound of fresh horseradish was added to give it that beautiful earthy bite and one Fiji apple and one peach!! I’m super happy with how flavorful AND hot this sauce it!! This is definitely one for the hot heads!