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We took the heat and came Through the jungles with a new name! Seeking refuge from the enemy when Charlie surrounds and the crack of a tastebud pops off in the distance. So sweet. Yet so dangerous!
SOY SORRY(2 offend) is our newest-recreated sauce!! This is a Vietnamese inspired pineapple, Ginger and Lemongrass sauce with a kick!
We started with our house staple onion, carrot, and garlic. We then add whole pineapples, charred leeks, red chilies, chocolate scotch bonnets, ghost peppers, Ringstinger peppers, Serrano and jalapeño! The body comes from Fresh tomatillos, ginger, and a ton of fresh picked lemongrass!!! Soy sauce gets added and stewed into apple cider vinegar and blended into the veggies to make an incredible international delight. This is a milder sauce at a 4.5/10!