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Ok y’all. This one is very special to me for many reasons. I grew up in the low country in coastal SC. Home of the Gullah community. My house, and where 125 of my pepper plants are sits at the footing of the Mitchellville market, a historic landmark here. I wanted to honor the Gullah in a sauce. I used all low country grown ingredients that are here now because they were brought over by the coastal African communities through slavery. Charleston SC became one of the richest places on earth at that time because of its Carolina gold rice so we had to get Anson Mills rice. The base for the sauce consists of multiple squashes, okra, tomatoes, sweet onion, carrots, and bell peppers. Added into it are African Nali Nali peppers and our own Carolina Reapers. The sauce is rich and bold and vibrant. Just like the amazing Gullah community locally. It is through food that we can keep community alive. 10% of all proceeds will go back to The Gullah Museum of Hilton Head. to help keep the culture alive and well on this amazing island. Join me into a journey of flavor and exploration that is surely something by that has never been done but will enhance any meal from meats to seafood to rice and vegetables!!

I know it was a long read but I’m really proud and passionate about this sauce!!