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 One of, if not THE most unique sauce we have made to date. Ajvar is a Balkan Roasted Red pepper and Roasted Eggplant based sauce. They generally use milder chili peppers in theirs and we of course didnt stay mild, and bumped it up a few notches. Usually the indigenous sauce is a 1/10 on the heat scale, we bumped it to a 5! So not a crazy hot sauce but definitely adds a really nice kick to any food you put it on. I’ve blasted through a bottle in a week as it’s become one of my favorite sauces we’ve ever made. We start with carmelized onions and a small bit of charred tomatoes and stew that down with sage and rosemary and a seasoning blend of smoked paprika and cayenne. After a long simmer we add in kalamta olives, a mix of 12 super hots including the reapers and bhutlah and a ton of roasted and charred red peppers and 3 medium eggplant!! We add in our signature blend of vinegars and This sauce then simmers for 12 hours. There are very few bottles available.