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What’s even spicier than a rude Becky? A RUDE BARB! Lol! NEW SAUCE ALERT!!
Rude Barb Pie is a Rhubarb, strawberry, and tangerine pie turned into a hot sauce! Four ounces of vanilla bean got added to a ton of fresh cinnamon sticks and ground into a paste then added that plus dark brown sugar and coated all the fruit ….it then was all baked down to a perfect pie! And then that was blended down with habanero, ghost, and peach sugar rush peppers, roasted garlic, candied carrots and unfiltered apple cider vinegar!!! The result is a sweet, tart, tangy, sauce that gives off like it’s going to be nice in the beginning and half way through the meal is going to ask to speak to the manager because the heat keep creepin!! This is an amazing sauce and fits right into our pie series perfectly. There are only a few bottles left available!!! Thanks as always y’all!! Cheers.