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We done did it again!!!! The final installment in the fermented sauces this year brings us something completely unique to the Phunky series. Phunky Tropix is like if redrum had a baby with Guava lava and then Spent a month getting funky in a salt bath!! This is a sweet heat that is a sneaky one. It’s got a lot of coconut and tropical fruit right up front and then after you’ve said that’s not hot the heat rolls in and you get a nice mellow burn. One of the mildest in the Phunky series but also one of the coolest balances of funk heat and sweet! Super hots and mild peppers were blended with carrots and onion and garlic and tons of fresh mangoes strawberries pineapple and guava and fermented for a month. After pulling it we added two pounds of fresh shaved coconut, more fruit, and dehydrated pepper blend! The result is something that will pair well with any chicken, pork, or seafood dish! They are only $13 each! There are only 28 bottles available. Thanks for an amazing year and we are going out with a bang!