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Hi my name is Chris!
Hi Chris
Hi everyone. I’m here because I’m a dirty pirate hooker and I make the best damn sauces on earth. It’s become a thing and I think I’m becoming addicted to upping the ante one sauce at a time.
I present to you all the Magnum Opus of Fermented Sauces. Phunky Breath and Burning. And funk you yea I know it wouldn’t fit on the stupid Walmart labels I use because I’m a cheap bastard. Yeah yeah yeah get over it. The sauce inside is as amazing as your grandmothers Mac and cheese.
Edible flowers, onions, honey, hot ass peppers, and garlic were fermented together. Upon exiting the bogs of funk there was another pound of flowers added, more honey, more fresh chili’s, and oven roasted carrots. The result is one of the most balanced and flavorful sauces we have ever made. Coupled with one bad ass color!!
I think you’ll be floored by this one!