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Ok guys. This is again in my opinion...the Pinnacle of my sauce making career so far! Imagine your grandmother’s peach cobbler: Fresh whole peaches, brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, allspice, and a few other magical ingredients!! But why just bake it?!?! Oh no!!! We SMOKED IT!!! We coupled that with the amazing heat and flavor profile of the Habanero as the primary pepper build and threw in just a handful of super hots to bump the heat just a pinch!! We used unfiltered apple cider vinegar and fermented garlic and fermented garlic brine in the sauce. Once hot, the smoked cobbler was dumped into the liquid and pepper pot and cooked down for hours. The result is one of the most complex and flavorful hot sauces you’re ever going to try! This was a small test batch and there are very few left.