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It’s kind of the best of two worlds! We took the base recipe for inside you’re Fuego and the ideology of Carinis revenge, and the result is Nestled in Satans buttcrack! We smoked jalapeños and garlic by the boat load. Added charred tomatoes, whole cumin seed, fresh chili peppers, Caribbean red habaneros, and Carolina reapers to the pot. We added a little sweetness with our signature carrot and carmelized onions and finished this off with white and apple cider vinegars. This one is hot. An 8/10 on the heat scale. It starts with an amazing acidic bite from the tomatoes and the vinegar and then instantly punches the tongue with heat. The smokiness plays in next over the mouth and then The lips get hot next as the burn rolls down your throat. This is NOT for the lightweights or medium heat lovers. This is the hottest Latin style we’ve done by far and one of the top 4 hottest sauces we’ve released to date.