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Namaste Y’all. Here’s out newest adventure around the globe. This time mom brought back a massive bag of dried chili peppers And fresh herbs and spices from an outside market and every last bit of them went into this sauce. Garlic, ginger, turmeric, onion, and carrot were roasted down in a giant pan with coconut oil and the dried spices. The herbs were all dry sautéed so the aromatics could explode and then the blended peppers went into the pan to simmer down with the herbs. Rice wine and apple cider vinegars were used to blend the root vegetables up and they were then added to the pot and everything was simmered for hours. The result is an insanely complex and rich flavor that is exactly what you’d expect in an Indian cuisine. Namaste Masaaledaar is a milder sauce at a 3/10 which allows for all the complexities And flavors to really shine!! This is NOT one to be missed!