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Well damn if the wife didn’t hire a new pool boy, start jujitsu lessons, and began pottery classes in the same month. That’s gotta burn! Here he is…Mommies Latin Lover! A mix of all the charm of classic Latin peppers, with a base of French foundation and support! That’s right we went full culture clash on this one…Like Gisselle in a karate class, this ones gunna stay a little later after its tasted!!
It finishes A well balanced 5/10 on the heat scale! Dried Mordita, chile California, and arbols were the base with a tiny hit of fresh ghost pepper added to build that lingering heat. For the French base, I did a white wine poaching of all the fresh bell peppers, garlic, herbs, and a full mirepoix! Instead of making a traditional tomatoes based Latin sauce this is a traditional hot sauce with a Latin influence! Cumin, a little cilantro(not heavy), paprika, and freshly dried herbs de sachets was added. The result is a crazily flavorful sauce that’s sure to have Mommy saying “Aye Papi”