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Kim…am I right?!?? I mean what’s up with Kim’s?(in best Seinfeld voice) Always yammering about their chi and how it’s all messed up harshed upon and funky. Well to honor Kim and her chi, We made Harshin’ Kim’s Chi. I fermented napa cabbage for 3 months in traditional Korean fashion. I wanted the amazing flavor to be the forefront so the ingredients list is minimal so the kimchi would shine. 2 pounds of Kimchi was blended with vinegar and sautéed onions and red bell peppers. It was finished off with a little lime juice, a ten pepper fresh chili blend from our gardens and a ton of roasted garlic and salt. That’s it! The finished product is a spicy, tangy, funky, rich flavored sauce that is unlike anything we’ve ever made. I also only did a single blend instead of a double and the finished product is more pulpy and more like what you’d get overseas. I Am super proud of this one and I’m my opinion a top 10 sauce I’ve ever made!!