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They took over all gangs around the world and now wear both colors!! Like ninjas in the night they roll. The Goju Gang searches out its next tastebud to explode, and next bum to burn. The gojuchang brothers wanted a sauce that represented the blood of its enemies. They rode around the farm and slaughtered bell peppers, chili peppers, habaneros, Carolina reapers, and ghost peppers!! But the sick bastards didn’t stop there. Oh no....they continued massacring cabbage and drying it slowly and deliciously, then swiped the rice plants, the garlic brothers, the onion patch and then ...oh then...they squeezed soy into a sauce!!!! Oh the humanity. To brine them up real nice they added Apple cider and white vinegars into the pot with miso paste and cane syrup and finished with a gochujang salt. They say it’s about a 6.5/10 on the heat scale.
The gang has commissioned me to sell the blood of their enemies