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This is not for the weak of heart or stomach. This thing will rearrange your guts worse than that one guy in college you still think about! Fuck your face is the hottest sauce we have ever released!! On a scale of one to ten this thing is a fat John Holmes 13! This is considerably hotter than brown note but with even more flavor. It started with a million Scoville Carolina reaper chili oil. Was built up with garlic and herbs. And then finished with only Carolina reapers, Moruga scorpions, and our own Carolina Chocolate drops! This is very thick! I used 4 drops in an entire pan of rice and it was spicy!! This thing should have a waiver attached to it. It’s hanging on the 300,000 plus scoville range. This is not like our regular sauces and The cost associated with these is outrageous but I had to try and make a flavorful nuclear sauce. This is a one off sauce. I didn’t use a recipe so it can never be recreated.