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Bringing on a new style packaging and sauce profile! These 2.5oz bottles are packed with the hottest sauce we have released to date! This is a full on 10/10 on the heat scale. This is a collaboration with Myself and The Illinois Morticians Guild! The thing is they got in a little deeper than they realized and we have a lot of extra bottles available FS.
This is basically a pepper purée!! Over 8 pounds of super hots make up this beast! My own strains of peppers: RS Black Habanero, The Ringstinger, plus Apocalypse Reds, ghost peppers, and Carolina reapers!! We have to add some flavor essentials into everything we make so there’s flavor base as well, so fresh garlic and onion were added. We thinned the purée out with the amazing funk of fermented Garlic brine, white vinegar, and fermented rice wine vinegar. The result is a funky super heat.
This is a next level heat for us as a company and something we will explore further down the road.
Thanks as always and get ready. This thing will sting the ring!!! 
***please refrigerate upon receiving. These are fermented sauces and tend to “burp” when opening. Because of this you will receive an extra bottle in each order on us for potential spillage.