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It was a set up and we all know it!! Harambe was framed! In memory of this brave gorilla who died a martyr, we say….D*icks Out 4 Harambe! To celebrate his life I made a bananas foster to start, Then added a grilled plantain, one of his favorites to give it some brightness. Because it’s how a primate would want it, Everything was cooked in coconut oil and to really amp it up a pound of flaked coconut was added in as well! All of our farms’ yellow pepper blends were used in this sauce from the mild to wild but the overall heat is very manageable. Because the whole situation was funky from the beginning, fermented garlic and the brine were used and then more sautéed garlic were added to the pot to pop the whole thing off. To recognize the sweetness of Harambe we added in brown sugar And sweet vidalia onions to the mix. The end result is a wildly complex sauce. I kinda made it as a novelty and ended up with a sauce that hits all five palate points in the mouth and has a flavor that keeps developing for 15 seconds after you taste it!! It’s really amazing!!!