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Welcome Breathe and Burning. A brand new sauce and one of the most unique sauces on earth. This is a hot, floral, fruited masterpiece and the purple hue is something that would have made Prince proud!!
The base is habanero, Fresno chili, and dehydrated ghost peppers and Carolina reapers. We then added pounds of dried Hibiscus flower and pounds of fresh picked hibiscus. The fruit backing on this is Granny Smith apples, Asian pears, and red D’anju pears. Honey and vanilla beans were added to sweeten the pot. The vegetable base is carmelized onions and candied carrots with some roasted garlic and some charred green onions. We used apple cider and white vinegars as the liquid base. The results are this sauce that starts sweet and floral and instantly punches the tongue. It then rolls out the umami of the vanilla and then the heat returns from the dried peppers. It’s a ride you never want off of!!