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Ok y’all. Surprise!! This sauce is incredibly special and a portion of the sales will go to
This is a unique one.
There are only a few bottles left available!!!
Ok description: The name kind of gives it away but, we made a blackberry cobbler and smoked the whole thing!! Black grapes, black berries, black raspberries, strawberries, and blue berries went into one pan. I added black garlic, purple carrots, red onion, scotch bonnets, And habaneros to another pan and smoked both!! After, the pans were blended down with red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, my own dehydrated pepper powder….and the finishing touch….a small dash of coconut based activated charcoal!!! So not only is this sauce delicious it’s also good for you!!! This is one of the mellowest sauces we’ve made to date. It’s definitely kid friendly and looks so cool to use a black sauce that they’ll love it. A 2/10 on the heat scale.