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Dropping on ya like a Big D in Little Shorts! This one’s a surprise when it first hits your eyes, or mouth for this matter. Throw this bad boy between some hot buns and watch that wiener sizzle. The pepper build was girthy on this one! Thick with spice it is! I added in one of our old staples that had fallen to the wayside but I loved so much in the pomegranate infused vinegar! It adds such a deep complex flavor. There’s also a few strawberries for some added sweetness. Candied carrots and onions plus roasted garlic finish it off. The pepper build is a mix of Ahi Lemon drops for that bright pepper bite, cayennes for that lingering burn, and a few chocolate bhutlah for that ass kicking heat! If you ever got one of the first few batches of hot as phuck this is similar but with a more advanced pepper build. The blend however is a nice and warm 6/10!