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This sauce is a direct response to the archaic Supreme Court decision to back track this country 50 years and it’s time we fight back as people and as companies. Beet The Patriarchy is one of the most balanced sauces we’ve made unlike the SCOTUS. The roasted beets(which normally I don’t like) add an awesome earthy sweetness that doesn’t taste like a beet when blended with roasted garlic, pan fried and raw onion, and a blend of the hottest red peppers we grow! With reapers, ghosts, wartryxx, and Naga vipers you’d assume the sauce was as oppressive as the Courts but because the beet was so sweet there’s actually an amazing balance. This sauce finished at around a 6.5/10
Bottles are $13 a piece and one dollar from each bottle will be donated to Planned Parenthood and The National Women’s Law Center so that both sides are equally supported. Thank you as always for making us a company able to stand up for ourselves and find support in our customer base to do so. Philanthropy has become a necessity! Please give these as gifts as well to spread the message. ✌🏻❤️🔥