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Things have gone absolutely apples and bananas over here!!! I had an idea of how many apple related products could I get into a sauce and still have it balanced. The answer is 4!! Washington apples, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and yes…APPLE JACKS!!!! I threw one banana in as well for balance. A mix of all our yellow peppers went in from mild to wild but the overall heat is mellow to start with a nice medium building burn. 5/10 on the sting scale! Carmelized onions and roasted garlic were added for natural sugars and binders. The result is a super smooth and silky “APPLE JACKED UP”. The taste is like a mix of WAP sauce and bAnanimals. It’s honestly a perfect sauce! The balance is absolutely mind blowing. It will compliment anything from fish to pork and tofu. This was a tiny test batch sauce and there are only a few available!!